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Day Camp

Dear Campers and Camp Families, 

We are so sad to let you know that for the time being Quaker Cove will not be running kid's camp and culinary camp. With our resignation and move to Oregon, the camp doesn't have the personnel to offer this type of programming. We are so sorry for all the kids and families that we know really need camp this summer. We are trusting God to provide just what you need, and we will miss you!


If your church or organization is interested in running your own youth camp or program, Christy, the new Camp Manager would absolutely love to talk with you and get your program on the calendar!

Liz and Karl Seume

Former Directors at Quaker Cove




We have a commitment to quality care of your children. All staff working in our day camp program have passed a state and federal background check, and each counselor will have had a basic medical training or will be partnered with one who has. Of course, we choose our staff based on their Christian testimony, a lifestyle commitment on their application and their ability to work with children. If you have any questions or concerns we are more than happy to talk with you and invite any suggestions on how we can make our camp a safe and comfortable place for your kids!

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