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Mission and Values


A mission statement and camp values are formed by our staff and board and are used to focus our ministry and programming. Please read more about our basic beliefs here, which are the foundation for the following mission statement and goals.


Our Mission is:


to serve with the attitude of Christ, in order to be a light, engaging guests

and the local community with God's love, grace, and the beauty of His creation.


Our Values are to be:

God Centered

God called each of the Quaker Cove staff members to serve here, so naturally it is our desire and our greatest joy to keep our eyes fixed on Him as we serve in the capacities to which He's called us. 


Luke 10:27 (ESV) And he answered, "You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind, and your neighbor as yourself.

Servant Hearted

As we grow in relationship with Christ, we hope to become more like Him and follow his example in service, not just a service that stems from obligation but rather a service that flows from a heart in love with God and therefore desirous to obey His commands and become more like Him. 

Community Minded

Owned by the Quaker churches in the Puget Sound Area, Quaker Cove exists thanks to a community effort. We hope to create an atmosphere of hospitality where new community can be fostered and existing community can be supported. We also strive to be an active part of the local community and to create opportunities to give back.

Growing People

We serve Christ by loving our neighbor. We ask and expect God to be present and move in people's lives when He brings them to Quaker Cove. It is a privilege to be invited to partner with God as He uses Quaker Cove to love and minister to people. 

A Refuge

God offers us rest and a refuge in Him as well as true joy and peace. When the pace of life overwhelms us and the demands of the world weigh on our shoulders, God wants to meet us and ease our burden. We welcome those searching for a place of quiet pastures and still waters. 

Good Stewards

God's creation is a beautiful gift and a responsibility. As stewards of the resources God has given the camp whether those resources be people's time, money, or the property, we seek to steward it well, knowing that none of it is ours to own.

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