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There are a lot of ways to volunteer at Quaker Cove, and here are just a few...


Work Parties are a fantastic way to bless the Cove. More information on work days can be found here. You can organize your own work day if you would like to come up yourself or with a group to help out at the camp. Just contact us and let us know!


Do an internship with us to see what working at a small camp is all about or gain some practical experience during your studies. Our developing program means we're flexible, and we would be excited to talk to potential interns who are ready to dig in and join us in our ministry. Fill out our contact form and we will get back to you.


Volunteer to serve as a camp counselor, provide childcare, lead sports and activities, direct drama, lead music, help with cleaning between camps, cook, teach crafts, a class or seminar. Bring your motor boat up to the camp and take kids water-skiing or volunteer your van or bus to drive kids around for a week. Let us know what you can do, and we will contact you when we could use your help!


Also if you have specialized skills like building, contracting, electrical work, plumbing, design, painting, or accounting, we would love to work with you or have you in our database to contact for help! 



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