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Quaker Cove Price List

Whole camp rental                  $750

Includes all buildings and areas (except Beck cabin) up to 40 people. Whole camp rental entitles you to exclusive rental of the camp, meaning that we won't rent out buildings you aren't using without your approval. Tents and RVs will be charged separately if over 40 people are staying at the camp. A per person per night fee is additionally charged.          


Per person fee for every camper      $3 per person per day



Dining Hall                             $100                                  

Chapel                                   $60                                         

Amphitheater                         $3 Per person for groups not renting other buildings

                                                                          ($25 minimum)

Beach                                    $3 Per person for groups not renting other buildings

                                                                          ($25 minimum)

RV’s                                       $30                                            

Tents                                      $15




Pricing for Individual Cabins*

(When not renting the entire camp. Per person per night fee also applies)


Rustic Cabins

Morpheus                                $95                                           

Seattle                                     $50   

(Carey cabin is no longer available due to tree damage.)               


Winter Cabins

Fitch:                                        $100

Helland:                                   $105                  

Hendricks:                               $100

(Beck cabin is a privately owned cabin, which may also be available for $130. Please email or call the office for more information.)



*For our peak season, the last week of June through the 3rd week of August, only whole camp reservations may be made in advance until May, when we will start renting out individual cabins. If your group is interested in a partial camp rental during those dates, please contact us so we can put you on a waitlist for your dates or see if we can make an exception. 

A "night" means 24 hours or less. No charge for children age 5 and under.

More information on the cabins can be found here and information on other facilities here. Questions? Contact us!


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