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Rezoning Quaker Cove - a new cabin and increased possibilities

Successful Resolution

In October of last year, the Planning Commission recommended that the Board of County Commissioners approve our proposal. Shortley thereafter the Board of County Commissioners decided in our favor as well! We are extraordinarily grateful to everyone who wrote letters on the camp's behalf or spoke at the hearings or prayed for God's glory to prevail in the proceedings. We look forward to a bright future for God's ministry at Quaker Cove.

Update About Our Petition to Rezone Our Property

After our initial public hearing, the county presented us with a different option that would allow us to exist as a camp in our current Rural Intermediate zoning without having to rezone our property. This change would allow us to build a new cabin and replace and modernize buildings (which we aren't able to do currently as camps were at some point removed as allowed from our current rural intermediate zoning.) 


The current proposal would add pre-existing camps as an allowed administrative use in the Rural Intermediate zone in Skagit County. The new code states that an allowed use would be "Institutional camps/retreats that existed prior to or on July 1, 1990, including cabins that may accommodate up to but not to exceed 250 beds and 10 RV sites, and common use facilities (e.g., dining, recreation) necessary to support the use, within the boundaries of the use that existed on July 1, 1990." You can also view the amendment in context on the county's website on page 34 here:


We've also added a link (to the right) to the letter we sent to many neighbors in April which explains the new amendment.


Since our goal in applying to rezone was only to be able to use the land for it's original purpose of being a camp when it was purchased in 1930, this change to the code meets our needs (we had been told this was not a possibility when we first applied.) 


We would love to answer any questions you might have, so please feel free to call Liz Seume at 360-899-8269


The final Public Hearing happened on August 21st, and we'd like to thank those of you who wrote letters to the county in support of our application. It's a blessing to read how God has used Quaker Cove in your lives. 


Information About the Rezone

Last year, we were chosen to be the recipients of the Northwest Yearly Meeting's Thanksgiving Offering. The money raised from that offering was pledged for bunk beds, mattresses, and a new building on the grounds. We're so thankful for everyone's generosity in that season. 


Unfortunately, we all know what they say about best laid plans. Early in the planning process for a new cabin, it came to our attention that we cannot build new structures or change the footprint of any existing buildings on the grounds due to the camp's current zone status. As is, we cannot make any progress, but thankfully, there is a way to change our zoning and fix the problem.


Liz, one of our two Camp Directors, worked overtime in July to pull together the necessary paperwork and schedule meetings with the officials to apply to rezone Quaker Cove. Liz submitted the finalized application at the end of July right after having a baby but before day camp. Although the steps leading up to the application required time and effort of Liz, God's grace was at work in getting everything finished before the deadline. The board will take up to eighteen months to consider the application and make a decision. If they approve the application, we will be able to go ahead with more planning and eventually build the new cabin we've been hoping and praying for since last year.


For more information about the history of the camp, our purpose, and the need to rezone, please see the document linked to the right.



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