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Fidalgo Island


There are so many fun places to visit right here on our very own Fidalgo Island. Of course we can't list them all, but here are a few of our favorites! (Photos coming soon)

Whistle Lake

About 8 miles It's about a mile and a half walk to get to the lake from the trailhead. Once there you can swim or fish (make sure to get a permit though). There are many different hiking trails, the favorite is a loop of about 4 miles (not counting the hike to the lake from the trailhead), which goes around the edge of the lake and is suitable for families. Dress in layers as much of the trail is in the shade.


Heart Lake

This heart shaped lake is only about 6 miles from the camp. It is a really great place for fishing, canoeing or biking. There are also many hiking trails around the lake through the beautiful old growth forests. There's also a nice hike up to sugarloaf peak, with amazing views at 1044 feet. Make sure to do a map as there are many trails and getting lost is easy.


Campbell Lake

Campbell Lake is only three miles from the camp, and the largest lake on Fidalgo Island. In the summer the water gets warm enough for swimming and it is a favorite place for water skiing and canoeing. There's a small in the island you can paddle or boat around too.


Mt. Erie

At 1,273 feet, this mountain is a wonderful hike or climb.  You can also drive to the top where lookouts let you see as far as Mt. Baker and even Mt. Ranier on a clear day.  Of course there is always a beautiful view of the San Juan Islands as well. 


Deception Pass State Park

This park begins on Fidalgo Isand and continues across a bridge over deception pass to Whidbey Island.  The pass is beautiful and impressive, getting it's name from explorers who were deceived by the tricky straight.


On the Whidbey Island side of the pass, we recommend visiting Cranberry Lake, where you can canoe and also has a nice swimming area. Just a two minute walk from the lake there is also acess to West beach, a nice sandy beach good for a game of beach volleyball or building sand castles. 


On the Fidalgo Island side of the pass, Rosario Beach is a camp favorite.  A beach with lovely stones smoothed by the tide, with interesting tidepools to explore and also a really nice hike up on the hillside.


The Shrimp Shack

If you want to enjoy some fresh seafood, you won't have to go far.  Just around the corner from the camp you will find the Shrimp Shack.  Also a camp favorite and famous for their oyster burgers. 

Their address is:


6168 State Rte 20
Anacortes, WA 98221

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