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Kid's Camp


Dear Campers and Camp Families, 


We are so sad to let you know that we have decided to cancel culinary and day camps for summer 2021. The past year has been extremely difficult and we hate to add one more disappointment, especially for your kids. It takes months of planning, recruitment and training for us to be able to provide quality camps for your kids. With the late notification that we would be allowed to run programs, it has made it very difficult (for camps everywhere) to recruit the necessary staff, and that was one issue that we just couldn’t overcome. We are so sorry for all the kids and families that we know really need camp this summer. We are trusting God to provide just what you need, and we will miss you!

Liz and Karl Seume

Directors at Quaker Cove



Because of a lack of overnight staff, we aren't able to offer our overnight kid's camp this year, but be sure to check back with us next year! Instead, we are inviting kids who live too far from the camp for day camp, to come up with a parent or grandparent during the week of our day camp and stay overnight. Kids will participate in our full day camp program, while parents or grandparents take that time off and have plenty of space to relax, or do what they'd like. When day camp is over, parents will be responsible for their evening activities and meal with their kids. Our day camp 2019 will take place from July 29th to August 2nd, August 5th-9th, and August 12th-16th. 


We will explore God’s creation as kids go on a different adventure every day to investigate and learn about plants, animals, and nature. On our grounds campers will go to the forest, the beach, our vegetable garden, the kitchen, and the campfire. Your little explorer will learn about how God’s creation is unique and special and so are they!


Please call or e-mail us for information on costs. In the Spring we'll have a registration link on the day camp page; just indicate that you are interested in the overnight camp. 



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