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And we are proud to present...

The first big development we've had this month, is wifi at the camp. Thanks to Caleb Cooper, we are happy to be able to offer wifi acess in all of our cabins, and dining hall (and the chapel will also have wifi soon!). If you've ever tried to use your data plan at camp, you'll be very excited about this development! Thank you Caleb!

Last, but not least, we've been working hard on our big bath house remodel here, and finally, we are proud to present...Our new bathroom stall doors (Karl's handiwork)! Aren't they beautiful??? Also notice our beautiful new floors and painted stall walls! We aren't done with everything yet, so be looking for more exciting pictures of our bath house remodel soon!!! A big thank you to all the volunteers who have given time and energy to this project, and especially to Daniela, a great new friend of the camp, who had a great vision for this building!


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