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New Camp Swimming Pool?

Who would have ever thought that the tunnel to the beach could become a temporary swimming attraction at Quaker Cove? Filled with water, "donated" by our local public utility when a water main broke under Gibralter rd. just at the top of our property, we were the proud owners of a new swimming pool...or maybe more of a swimming channel.

In the middle of our work day, there was a very loud rushing noise, and everyone quickly noticed a flood of water pouring down the side of our street. Completely unrelated to the work that was being done at the camp, a water main just under the edge of Gibralter road broke and water started gushing up out of the ground. After running down the street, and filling up our tunnel, it spilled into the lower field where it created quite a large pool of water.

The Mt. Erie volunteer fire department quickly showed up and tried to get on top of the problem, but with only a handful of workers, and water that rushed out of the pipe for well over an hour, it was a battle.

Thankfully the water main decided to break during our work day, and the biggest one we've had in the last year (with 27 people!), so everyone picked up a shovel and headed over to our field to help the firemen dig a trench to help the water find it's way down to the beach, instead of flooding our neighbor's house, which is right on the edge of our field. Everyone got a little soaked and muddy, but they were able to divert the water eventually. A great big thank you to the volunteers at Mt. Erie fire department, and to all the QC volunteers who stepped in to help! We are so blessed that you were here when this happened and for your amazing serving attitudes! Although unexpected and obviously undesired, if a water main had to break then God scheduled it on the perfect day!

Speaking of water...Did we mention that registration is open for Friends and Family Camp and our theme is "God's Water Works!" Hop on over to our program page and check it out!

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