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What's up with rezoning?

Last year, we were the recipients of the Northwest Yearly Meeting's Thanksgiving Offering. We requested funds for bunk beds, mattresses, and a new cabin. We are incredibly thankful for everyone's generous response to our requests and God's prompting.

Unfortunately, we all know what they say about best laid plans. Early in the planning stages of a new cabin, it came to our attention that we cannot build new structures or change the footprint of any existing buildings on the grounds due to the camp's current zone status. As is, we cannot make any progress, but thankfully, there is a way to fix our problem by applying to change our zoning.

Liz worked overtime in July to pull together the necessary paperwork and schedule meetings to apply to rezone the Cove. Liz submitted the finalized application at the end of July right after having a baby but before two full weeks of day camp. Thank you, Liz, for being a multi-tasking rock star. Although the steps leading up to the application required copious amounts of time and effort, God's grace was evident in reduced fees and helpful county employees. The county board takes eighteen months (until January 2019 for those who are counting) to make a decision regarding the application. Now, we wait on God with great expectation and pray until we know more. If they approve the application, we will be able to go ahead with building the new cabin we have been hoping and praying for since last year.

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