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Classes at the Cove

The last couple Saturdays we were excited to be able to host a two-part photography course in the mornings. Mike Rauwolf, the pastor at Anacortes Christian Church, who is also an amazing freelance photographer, organized and taught the classes. Be sure to check out some of his incredible nature shots on his website

One day of the class focused on how to use your SLR camera and getting it out of Auto mode, while the second Saturday was an introduction to photo editing software. We had many participants from the local area and even a few who travelled from as far as Tacoma!

We are hoping to use the camp for more educational and community involvement classes like this in the future and are trying to brainstorm some ideas. Karl, of course, will be teaching some cooking classes in the future (maybe next fall?) focusing on using fresh ingredients and cooking from your garden. What other kinds of courses would you like to see here? What would you like to teach? Even if you are far away we'd love to hear some of your ideas! Comment below and let us know!

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